Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have to like a place that has elk meatball sandwiches. I LOVE a place that puts them in a sandwich and makes them taste this good. This was fragrant with lemongrass, had banh mi type accoutrements like pickled veggies, and a damn good baguette.

Mr. Pants got a creamy baked egg dish with pecorino and nettles, and cress on the side, and more of that good baguette bread.

I adored my Nettletown noodles, with a crispy five spice pork shortrib, greens, seasoned wild mushrooms and a tea egg. This was an insanely clever mixture of things over a mess of noodles in a bowl. I just know this is the beginning of a constant craving.

Warm huckleberry cardamom bread pudding paired well with their tangy yogurt whipped cream. They used a subtle hand with the cardamom - smart not to overwhelm the huckleberries, yet there was enough to know there was something interesting going on.

Everything at Nettletown tasted somehow clean and fresh. This place has a sort of health-food vibe to it that doesn't detract from how well they combine flavors and textures to not only to satisfy, but to please. It was one of the best meals I've had in a while.

Highlights: Elk meatball sandwich, Nettletown noodles with five spice pork sparerib, huckleberry cardamom bread pudding.

Disappointments: Service. While friendly, they did not apologize for a long wait for our entrees, while our friend was given his right away, and sat with it in front of him, while we waited 20 minutes for ours to show. That's a problem.

Mr Pants: Hungry and annoyed by the delay, he was placated by the quality of the food, once it finally arrived. Docile and content upon leaving.

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