Saturday, May 29, 2010

meat, cheese and bourbon, please

When I first heard about the new specialty cheese shop a few blocks from home I literally did a little dance of joy. I'll call it the cheese jig. The Calf and Kid opened recently and I am, like I said, dancing with joy. Their Burricotta was luscious and divine, the Fourme d'Ambert perfectly ripe, and the wheel of "Dinah" cheese (like a subtler, milder, yellower camembert) was polished off in an embarrassingly rapid manner. Lots of knife licking (also embarrassing, as we did have company over). They also sell super fresh Macrina bread if you don't want your cheese straight from the knife.

Rainshadow Meats is right across from the cheese shop and has fed us several times since they opened. Tasty, mildly spicy Merguez one night, a great mustardy rabbit roast the next. (Mr. Pants is good with cooking bunny). We couldn't be happier to have this butcher nearby.

We were about to take our meat and cheese home with us, but first, we checked out the new bar called Still Liquor in the same building. It's a cool space, it's garage provenance retained in the concrete walls and floors, with additions of booths, warm wood and stuffed chairs.

Mr. Pants got a lemony Arnie Palmer and I got The Still, with bourbon and orange (one of my favorite combos).

After one of these, my photos became increasingly blurry. No idea why. No idea at all.

The only thing making this building better is the Marigold and Mint flower shop, where we also got some tasty Japanese turnips. Best of all, restaurant Sitka and Spruce has finally opened (yet more dancing) which we have yet to try though I'm hoping for this week if Mr. Pants can be convinced.

Our location on the hill seems even sweeter. We feel complete.

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