Friday, August 13, 2010

Walrus and the Carpenter - An Oyster Wonderland

The Walrus and the Carpenter was at capacity when we walked down the long hallway to the bustle of this sleek, crowded space, jealously ogling those sitting outside as we were turned away (for an hour or so). They called us when they had seats, and we perched at the bar, right in front of the masterful bartender who did a great job with our old-fashioneds. The wine list looked reasonable and well-chosen for oysters.

We wolfed down a wonderful house-smoked trout with lentils and creme fraiche, Kumamoto oysters (super fresh, tasty despite it being August) and a summery grilled zucchini with ricotta, walnuts and basil. Serrano ham with roasted apricots and almonds was a strange combo, but it worked.

We enjoyed the fantastic, soft, super fresh bread, with room-temperature butter, attentive service despite the packed room and the fact that they just opened.

I'm proud to say that I resisted quoting the Lewis Carroll poem though it was running through my head - particularly while eating the oysters and bread.

Highlights: Oysters! Smoked Trout, cocktails.

Disappointments: Very crowded, so expect a wait.

Mr. Pants: Happy as a clam.

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