Friday, June 17, 2011

Uneeda Burger! Yes you do.

I needed to get to Uneeda Burger fast. The people behind Restaurant Zoe, and of course, Quinn's (one of our favorite neighborhood haunts) had opened up a self-proclaimed "roadside burger shack." I DID need a burger.

We parked ourselves at an outdoor picnic table in the sun, after ordering at the counter.  Seating is mostly outdoors,  though some tin chairs and small tables are inside.

I got the number 8, a juicy, mushroomy, sophisticated burger with Crimini Mushrooms, Gruyere cheese, carmelized shallot, Porcini mushrooms and black truffle salt.  

Mr Pants got the Philly Smash with charred peppers, onions, Gruyere and a so-called special sauce, suspiciously similar to mayo.  I took a bite out of this bright, summery burger and wanted to hang on to it till it was finished.

I tasted our friend Mark's hand-pulled Empire Ice Cream "black and blueberry"milkshake while he stepped away from the table. (He still doesn't know). Fantastic, fresh, could almost visualize the cows, rolling green hills and blueberry bushes.

Other burgers at the table were a bacon and carmelized onion, with shoestring potato concoction that I got to taste. This burger was generous with the carmelized onions and a smoky, salty bacon.   I don't know why they omitted the words cardiac and arrest in the name of this one.

Skinny cut fries were on our trays too, along with an order of monstrous onion rings, which were good, though heavy on the breading— more like an onion doughnut!

I'm going back to flirt with heart disease and try the quarter pounder classic with cheddar, and the salted caramel shake. 

Highlights:  Burgers, shakes, beer selection.

Disappointments:  Fries were fine, not great, and needed a bit more time in the fryer.  Seating is what it is. Whaddya want, a tablecloth?

Mr. Pants:  SO happy. 

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  1. Oh my god I got milkshake raped.

  2. Have to say you kind of asked for it, just by leaving it there, right on the table, like that. How could I resist?