Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crowing over Il Corvo

Oddly located inside the tiny Procopio Gelateria in the hill climb behind Pike Place, Il Corvo (the raven, in Italian), feels like it could be someone's little secret. I wish it was only mine. But there's a steady flow of lunchtime pasta enthusiasts filling up this tiny space Monday through Friday.  

Il Corvo is only open for lunch, and is cash only. There's a total of three pasta choices each day, and every one I've had has hit its mark. Mr. Pants has yet to join me, as a lunchtime walk to the market is a little too long for my little workaholic.

The pasta is handmade on the large table by the door each day at Il Corvo's closing, which is 3pm.  I snapped a picture on my way out of the neatly-shaped Malloreddi pasta the chef was making. 

I have to love a chef who mentions (in his blog) one of my favorite restaurants in Florence, Osteria Del Cinghiale Bianco when he talks about pasta.  Mike Easton studied in Italy several years back, cooked at Lecosho on that other hill-climb, and was co-owner of Bizarro Italian Cafe in the past.  He knows his stuff. His pastas are perfect. 

I was tempted by this toothsome ravioli, stuffed with cauliflower and sunchokes, with marjoram brown butter.  

Another day, I opted for this lovely Papardelle with black trumpet mushrooms.  I had a brief moment (I must have been in some sort of food daze) when I forgot I was in public and swiped my finger in the remaining sauce after I was finished to lick it off. 

Highlights: Pasta. All of it. Very drinkable wines by the glass, and gelato for dessert. 

Disappointments:  Small portions, so you might feel a bit peckish afterwards. Not a lot of side dishes or accompaniments.  Luckily, there's gelato and espresso! 

Mr. Pants: Not there.  Eating office fridge-sludge in front of his computer, working (looking at Facebook). 

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  1. Oooh I want to join you for lunch here one of these days!

    1. Please do! I'd love it, and with a second person there, I'd get to try more than one dish!