Monday, May 28, 2012

Crumble and Flake Bakery. YES.

Yes, it's a pain to get to Crumble and Flake at a time that is far too early, and find a long line, and yes your blood pressure rises as you realize you may not get the canelĂ© or the croissant you're coveting, as you see the greedy backs of the people in front of you ordering them up like entitled jerks. You feel it can't be worth it, and you won't return, until it's (finally) your turn, and there's one last grapefruit macaron for you, and even a canelĂ© and yes, one last buttery croissant and you get them all like the entitled jerk you are, and you feel the collective despair and disappointment in the line behind you as you get the last brownie, and you clutch your little bag of treats and take a first melting, ostentatious bite before you even start walking, in front of all those still in line and you say yes, yes, I will come back, yes I will. Yes.

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