Sunday, November 1, 2009

About Us

My companion, (dining and otherwise) I shall call Mr. Pants. We moved from Chicago to San Francisco to Seattle's First Hill, where we hunker down during the dark months and meals become the bright spots. Well, ok, they are pretty much the bright spots during the summer months as well...

I'm the daughter of a food writer and editor, and grew up dining out in Chicago, stealing menus under the table and distracting waitstaff from surreptitious note-taking.

We are big travelers and big eaters, and we dine out far too often than is likely good for us, or our wallets.
I'll rave about the new places, if they are worthy, but I'll try not to gush and I'll always be fair. I'll yammer on about food quite a bit, but not only food.
You could say I'll cover dinner, sure, but also everything one might discuss over a meal, and, most likely, some things one shouldn't discuss over a meal.

I know everyone is doing this, but seriously, why the heck not?

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