Friday, November 20, 2009

Po Dogs

Though it's early days- too early for an earnest review in fact- so far I'm glad Po Dogs is here with their slightly fancy hot (haute) dogs on Capitol Hill.

Po Dogs has a neat space- cool and strange wallpaper with a guns and bullets motif, wooden booths for two, yellow mustard and ketchup on the tables and white modern chairs at the tables.

After cocktails, that Wasabi Dog would hit the spot. A hot dog in an eggroll (pig in a chinese blanket?) it really worked with the wasabi-mayoed crisp cabbage slaw.

Hipsters (friendly ones!) made our dogs to order. We also got the Chicago dog, (not traditional, no poppyseed bun in sight!) but tradition isn't what this place is about. They use brioche buns, which I liked but Mr Pants thought strange. It worked for me, and I liked the slightly sweet quality it lent to the whole dog. Along with the Wasabi Dog and the so-called "Chicago" dog, we had a regular ol' classic- building our own with mustard and cheese. In a certain decadent mood I'd go back to try the deep fried bacon wrapped dog.

Highlights: Wasabi Dog was chewy and special, accompanying slaw kicky and interesting. An unusual and large choice of toppings, (avocado, jalapeno, cream cheese) so you can build your own dog as you like it.

Mr Pants: "meh" but then he was already in a stroppy mood, and he finished everything in front of him, so there.

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  1. I just didn't like the Chicago style hotdog. The brioche bun didn't hold the stuff, and added an eggy sweetness I just didn't like. And the peppers on top were not even spicy.

    The make your own was just a little too home made for me, meh.

    And I ate it all because there wasn't that much for that much money about 8 bucks a dog, and I was hungry.