Sunday, November 21, 2010


We were devastated to learn that Licorous, that casual little bar with just the right amount of swank, had scaled way back on their food offerings a while back. 

We'd been fond of wandering over for cocktails and dinner, though we called it "spa food" because the plates were precious (and preciously small).  We'd snack on flavorful corn chowder with Chanterelles, served in a demitasse, or a prosciutto-wrapped fig or three, followed by lamb chops a la plancha.  

So we were all a flutter to learn they're serving up Thai food every Monday with Sous Chef Wiley Frank, who is fresh from a year in Thailand. He's created a slightly refined version of fantastic Thai street food, described here at shophouse

Mini curried fish cakes were served in a bowl with thin vinegary sliced cucumbers, adding tang to a dish fragrant with fried basil. 
Next up was a lush, spicy, lime and chili-fragrant soft tofu laab (from Northwest Tofu Inc) with lettuce wrap - I love citrus flavors in food, and I demolished this like I was suffering from scurvy. Roasted rice, chilis and mint everywhere. 
A warming, saucy chicken curry noodle dish had crunchy fried noodles and fried shallots on top and just the right amount of pickled mustard greens....(similar to an authentic dish we had at Citrus Thai not long ago). 
Small pork spare ribs with Thai sea salt (samut sakhon) were tender, addictive little things. These paired especially well with the slightly sweet "St. Amour" cocktail- a bourbon-based drink with a toasted hazelnut at the bottom. 

Licorous is smart to do this. We are thrilled they are back at the game, and a tasty, more affordable game it is, too. 

Can't wait to try their Taco Tuesdays! Not for vegetarians, mind you, as they only have pork tacos for $1 dollar each. 

Highlights: Cocktails, soft tofu laab, spare ribs, dessert trio. 

Disappointments: Curry could have been a little more fiery, because I like curry that way. Still tasty.  

Mr. Pants: Content. Wants to return for Taco Tuesdays! 

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