Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seatown Snack Bar and Restaurant

Let me be clear: I love Tom Douglas. I think he does a grand job overseeing six restaurants and the Dahlia Bakery. I've never had a bad meal at any of these, and think it speaks volumes that his staff remains with him for years. 

That's why I was so disappointed to find myself muttering over the entrees at Seatown. 

Oysters were good, (and they had better be at a whopping 3 bucks each).  

My appetizer of smoked trout was wonderful. Good portion size, and the acoutrements paired perfectly (soft cream cheese) were interesting (duck-fried capers) and balanced the plate well (small tomatoes, blinis).  

Service was excellent, though it bordered on the obsequious. 

The entrees however, were shockingly dull all around, as in under seasoned, or needing a sauce.  Porchetta was a bit dry, turkey was boring (though, come on, it is turkey, the tofu of fowl).  At these prices I should not be muttering about a single thing. 

I've never had this happen at a Douglas joint.  I'm confident they will improve. For now, Seatown remains a decent spot for a glass of bubbly, fresh oysters or smoked seafood. 

Highlights: Appetizers, smoked trout, oysters. 

Disappointments: Entrees. 

Mr. Pants:  Grumbling.  Poked my side annoyingly until I agreed to blog about it.

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  1. Sad to hear. Although, I'm glad that I'm not missing anything.